It really takes hard work and real devotion to be a good mother. Worldwide, we have mothers but not all can be regarded as good mothers.

Whom will you refer to as a good mother? The one who showers her kids with lots of present, money and give them all the freedom in the world? Or a mother who spent quality time with her kids helping them to grow to become mature men and women?

It’s sad that many mothers today have placed their career ahead of their kids. The saying is true that family comes first. Your job can leave you but family is for eternity. Here are few suggestions that can help you to be a good mother.

KIDS ARE NOT GOD: Many mothers had turned their kids to their gods. They give them all the freedom in the world and they find it hard to disciple their children when they are supposed to do so. Such kids will grow up to become ill-mannered, unreasonable and selfish.

SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR KIDS: Worldwide, more and more mothers have to take up full time job, but the truth remains that being a mother is a full time job too. Mothers need to strike balance between their kids and their career. Whenever you are free, try to spend quality time with them. Help them to be free with you so that they will be able to tell you any problem they face at school.

CREATE TIME FOR YOUR HUSBAND: Many women had “abandoned” their husbands in the name of motherhood. Remember, you know your husband first. While trying to be there for your kids, you need to be there for your husband too.

PROTECT YOUR KIDS: We all live in a wicked world, and there lots of people who would like to take undue advantage of your kids. Try all your best to protect your kids from pedophiles. Each day, you can ask your kids these questions “Did any one touch private parts of your body?”

TEACH YOUR KIDS GOOD MANNERS: These days, many kids lack manners. Mothers and fathers need to help their kids to be mannered. This includes helping them to learn how to greet others and treat people kindly. Teach them the importance of saying “please”, “I am sorry”, “thank you” and so on.

YOU ARE NOT A SUPERWOMAN: Try to find time to rest and meditate alone. Your well-being is very important. You can only continue to be a mother when you are still alive.



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